Luke's Toy Factory Educational 4 Pack

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  • Ages 3+
The educational 4-pack from Luke's Toy Factory contains a full set of trucks in a re-closable cardboard box. There's a fire truck, dump truck, cargo truck and tipper truck. The trucks are a simple 3d puzzle, with built in wiggle room so kids with developing motor skills or challenges are not frustrated. The educational 4-pack is perfect for classrooms and playrooms alike!
Our award-winning, sustainable toys are made in Connecticut with maple sawdust reclaimed from U.S. furniture manufacturers. By incorporating sawdust we are able to use 30% less plastic than traditional plastic toys, and instead of being incinerated the sawdust is given a second life, resulting in robust, durable toys with a silky-smooth feel. Colors are molded in, not painted on, so there's nothing to flake off. Our toys meet or exceed all U.S safety standards.
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