Pallino Coding

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Create a mosaic with marbles and learn the basics of coding with this exciting Play Intelligente toy from Quercetti! This toy promotes computational thinking and “coding unplugged” through breaking complex problems into different parts that are more solvable and teaching principles of coding! Complete with two game modes, this toy allows learners to advance from simple color matching to reading algorithms in order to create their mosaics.

Based in Italy, Quercetti makes toys for kids all over the world! The brand is founded on the idea that early years lay the foundation for life-long learning. Their products are designed with interactive learning in mind, giving children space for fantasy and creativity from the very beginning. Quercetti has been making toys in Italy for more than 70 years, focused on environmentally-friendly practices and “Giving today’s children the instruments to be better adults tomorrow.

Ideal for Ages 6-12

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