Tonies Animal Songs

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Things are about to get wild! Meet and learn about different animals as you dance and since along to this wonderful collection of original and traditional songs inspired by all kinds of creatures. 

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Animals
  • Animal Sounds 
  • Different habitats

1. Here comes the animals
2. When ducks wake up in the morning
3. Down the waterhole
4. One elephant went out to play
5. Monkey mountain
6. Frog went a-hoppin'
7. Grizzly bear
8. Cool cat
9. Two little blackbirds
10. Deep sea wilderness
11. Jammin' in the jungle
12. Fly little Butterfly
13. Sweetly sings the donkey
14. Hugh little baby (mockingbird)
15. At the zoo
16. My little lamb

Run Time: approx 45 minutes

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